With a mostly Anglophonic background and inspired by Sigur Rós, James Blake and Bon Iver, singer-songwriter Dinaira Scheffers took the leap to Dutch songwriting with a magical result. She and her band AAPNOOTMIES (the 3 words that Dutch kids traditionally start with when learning to read) lift up the listener with nostalgic sounding & mesmerizingly beautiful indiepop songs.

Saturday 17.35 – 18.15


Azure Hiptronics


Ultrafunkatronicjazzhippop! Just what was missing in this year’s Summertime line up. In 2016, four musicians perform at SXSW in Texas. After a week of bustling festival life, the band members end up having a strange encounter. They spot a giant, blob-like monster hanging from a tall building in downtown Austin, which spies on the people walking the streets below. After finding out that the creature can actually sing, they decide to name it Ignacio. Puzzled? Come and solve the riddle with this Dutch-Italian group’s unique brand of electrifying, jazzy music. Vocoder alert!

Saturday 15.10 – 15.50


Belle of Louisville


Take a moment now to close your eyes. Imagine you’re on the shores of the Ohio River, Kentucky. It feels old timey there, might be 1930’s – or wait, is that a rock’n’roll beat we here in the distance? ‘50s perhaps. Lovely sounds drift nearer, close harmonies sung by a man and a woman, the twang of a lap steel guitar. Open your eyes and you’ll find Tess Vanderzwet, Mitch Rivers and Stefan Wolfs sitting on a raft with their feet in the water, fishing for forgotten songs. Who knows what they might find, but finders keepers. And this band is a keeper for sure.

Saturday 18.40 – 19.20


Bells of Youth


Punk at its Blondiest; rock’n’roll á la mode Stevie Nicks: Bells of Youth make the best of pop history look good and sound great. In the summer following the release of their debut ‘Boy’, the Bells played over 40 festivals including big ass stages at Sziget, Paaspop and the Zwarte Cross, wowing audiences wherever they went with their incredible vocal harmonies and addictive pop songs. The second album followed suit, with legendary Bob Marley-slash-Iron Maiden producer Tony Platt behind the controls. Armed with what by now is an epic set of solid gold pop songs, these long haired maidens are ready to rock your socks off. Wear flipflops.

Saturday 19.50 – 20.35


DJ Tigra T

Funkin’ Friday, Skankin’ Saturday – any day of the week is dancing night for DJ Tigra T. Funky vinyl to warm up, cool down and get hot in between the live shows!


Francesca Tandoi Trio


Some artists can really sweep you off your feet. Francesca Tandoi, the Italian singer/pianist surely has that capability. Sided by her wingmen Matheus Nicolaiewsky on Double Bass and Sander Smeets on drums she travels the world to share the jazzy swing and her love for the piano.

Friday 17.15 – 18.00


French Kiss


Ferdinand van Duuren’s French Kiss is back! The legendary soulful band that The Hague will remember from the ‘90s. Jazz, funk, 60’s – 70’s Motown sounds, boogaloo and good times in general. Party like it’s 1997!

Sunday 16.30 – 17.20


Georgios Tsolis Trio


When Greek pianist Georgios Tsolis, Austrian double bassist Philip Zarfl and American drummer Owen Hart jr. get together and play, exciting stuff happens. Guided by a neverending hunger for collective improvisation, they take you on a trip made of renowned jazz standards and original music composed by Georgios Tsolis. One eye looking back to the roots of jazz music, the other straight up into the big unknown – the musical adventures of this international trio will make you go cross-eyed.

Saturday 13.00 – 13.40


Guus Janssen & Han Bennink


We’re thrilled to invite two of The Netherlands’ greatest jazz improvisers to the stage! To see Han Bennink work his sticks on his chair, the floor, his teeth or his drum kit is already quite something, but now he combines forces with Guus Janssen, whose piano work has won him several oeuvre awards and world wide recognition. In his highly recognizable way of playing, Janssen’s makes a montage of styles where both structure and improvisation play an important role. And what more can we say about mr. Bennink? Let the NYC Jazz Review explain: “…One of the wonders of the musical world […] performs with an absurdist flair and seemingly boundless enthusiasm regardless of context. The only thing certain about a performance or recording is that it will be a surprise (and often a good one).”

Sunday 15:15-16:00




Cumbiaaaa! This festive world music collective based in The Netherlands, inspired by bands such as Manu Chao and Che Sudaka. Influences like latin, balkan, ska, reggae, flamenco and cumbia were added as ingredients to a party cocktail. With a lot of happiness, ecstatic energy and a powerful attitude, MAMIHLAPINATAPAI is already famous in The Hague for setting crowds on fire wherever they play.

Friday 21.00 – 22.00


Marco Santos Band featuring Omar Ka


Strong melodies, irregular rhythms, jazzy beats and loads of groove. Marco Santos brings together sounds from various countries, experiences and travel memories, people he met and faces that marked his soul and heart. Together with Senegalese singer Omar Ka, Marco and his band bring a powerful energy tot the stage with music as a shared passion and friendship at its base.

Sunday 19.05 – 19.55




Yes! Poland is present as well this year, in the shape of the fascinating contemporary klezmer/folk music of Mitomani. Delighted by the richness and diversity of Europe’s musical culture, five Polish students of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague decided to found this ensemble. Along with outstanding instrumental skills, the musicians have an innovative attitude towards the folk style. They try to attract their listeners’ attention by an intriguing musical energy, encompassing several genres: during a concert, one can hear klezmer or balkan melodies, songs from the 20′s, canticles from northern Poland or even avant-garde contemporary music.

Sunday 17:50-18:35


Nani Quintet


Nani is a progressive Ladino (an old Spanish-Jewish dialect) ensemble, that brings together warm and diverse musical blends of North African music, Middle Eastern music and jazz. The unique sound of Aktas Erdogan’s virtuose classical guitar playing, electronics and Nani’s hypnotizing vocals envision a new breath of life into the ancient Ladino language by creating a new image out of the past and the present.

Saturday 16.20 – 17.05


New Cool Collective


Happily grooving on for over 20 years! Famous for their irresistable mix of jazz, dance, latin, salsa, afrobeat and boogaloo, a NCC show is always funky, energetic and extremely danceable! As pioneers in the Dutch jazz scene NCC has received many awards and the band have toured world several times, from hipster clubs to big rock festivals like Roskilde, Lowlands and Sziget. Saxophonist Benjamin Herman, guitarist Rory Ronde, drummer Joost Kroon, percussionists Frank van Dok and Jos de Haas, pianist Willem Friede, bassist Leslie Lopez and trumpet-player David Rockefeller are always on the hunt for a good time, and whoever is present can’t help but join the fun.

Saturday 21.20 – 22.30


Nuno Torres Marques’ INEDITS

Take a deep breath and dive into the world of improvised music! Composer and bass player Nuno takes us on a trip into the unknowns, where woodwinds (Kenny Talkowski), guitar (Rui Silva), piano (Georgio Tsolis), contrabass (Nuno) & drums (Guillermo Martin Viana) will lead the way.

Friday 18.25 – 19.10




Ain’t no party like a Balkan party! L’chaim, who describe themselves as ‘7 merry gypsies’, are loved far & wide for their super energetic performances. Their music is a melting pot of styles and languages (3 vocalists singing 10 languages!), klezmer traditionals and Balkan songs. They toured Europe, played Oerol and Festival Mundial and we’re happy to have them spice up Summertime Festival with their uncomparable festive spirit and spunk.

Sunday 20:30-21:30


Prinses Christina Concours


Summertime’s early Sunday afternoon is traditionally the realm of classical music. In The Prinses Christina Concours you get to enjoy the music of great classical young talents, surrounded by sunshine and the trees of the Grote Markt.

Daniël Tibben (1999) was born in Leiden, where he began to take music lessons at the age of 7. One year later he started with flute lessons as a pupil of Jeroen Bron, who is still his teacher at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. As a member of youth orchestras he toured abroad. Daniël won prizes at music competitions such as Prinses Christina Concours and Benelux Flute Competition.

Tim de Vries (2000) is geboren in Haarlem en speelt viool sinds zijn zevende. Hij begon bij
Muziekschool Fluxus in Zaandam; nu studeert hij bij Ilya Grubert aan de vooropleiding van het
Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Tim heeft onder andere eerste prijzen gewonnen bij het Britten
Vioolconcours in 2014 en het Prinses Christina Junior Concours in 2012.

Daniël van der Hoeven (1985) began to play the piano when he was 7 years old. He studied at the
Royal Conservatorium in The Hague first as a pupil of professor Ellen Corver and later on with professor
Naum Grubert. In 2010 he achieved his Master Degree Cum Laude.

Sunday 13.00 – 13.30


Rafael Fraga


Sometimes the unlikeliest of couples result in the happiest of marriages. Portuguese composer & guitarist Rafael Fraga sets an example by blending the romantic lyricism of Portuguese fado and the rich harmonies and rhythms of Brazilian bossanova. Playing and singing his original songs, along with some classics and the music of essential modern Brazilian authors such as Ivan Lins or Toninho Horta, Rafael invites us to discover the nostalgic landscapes of Lisbon, embraced by tropical warmth.

Friday 19:30-20:15


Rui Silva Trio


For those who missed it: The Hague has a vibrant jazz scene, brimming with international talent thanks to the Royal Conservatory which brings young talent from around the world together in the city. Rui Silva from Portugal is one of these remarkable artists, who finished his jazz guitar studies and since then has played together with a great diversity of artists. At Summertime, we see his new project at work together with Luciano Poli (IT) on bass and Tuur Moens (BE) on drums, with diversity, rhythm and sound as their focal points.

Saturday 14:05-14:45


Van Hoek Quartet


Lots of strings and a great drummer – what’s not to love? Van Hoek quartet is a fresh and exciting, string and percussion ensemble based in The Hague. The quartet consists of violin, violoncello, percussion and guitar. Guitar player Merel van Hoek, the leader and composer of the ensemble creates dreamy melodies developed into compositions. Together with the other three musicians, they create what they call ‘an atmosphere of sound’ and a fusion of musical genres. Feel free to close your eyes and enjoy the ride!

Sunday 14:00-14:45